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Doug Patterson




Doug PattersonOriginally Doug trained at the Royal College of Art, London graduating with an MA. He then studied Architecture at the Architectural Association, graduating in 1974, formed his own design practice and spent the next 25 years designing on a wide variety of projects, ranging from film sets to a private 28-suite yacht. Doug also carried out numerous architectural and artwork commissions in USA, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Russia, Cuba, India and England.

During the past five years he has been retracing the journeys of three 18th and 19th century travelling artists who recorded the three great world faiths - Islam, Buddhism and Orthodox Christianity. This has involved sketching and painting Islamic mosques and monuments in north Africa and India, Buddhist Dzongs in Bhutan and the Christian orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos and Meteora in Greece.

Exhibitions During the past 20 years: He has had numerous one man exhibition and major commissions including various portfolio collections.