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Doug Patterson

Neraida Project Refit

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60 Meter Motor Yacht
2007 - 2010, Creative Director:
Doug Patterson

The Neraida was a unique refurbishment project to a motor yacht with a long and interesting history of its own.

Built in 1939 in Italy by the shipyard of Cantieri Navali del Quarnaro in Fiume, Italy.

Belonged to Mr Tsiano Prime Minister of the Mussolini government until 1944 and was named “Laurana”.

Bought by John Spiros Latsis in January 1950.

As from April 1950 until 1976 she was in service as passenger ship on the routes of the Saronic Gulf.

The ship was christened to the name of “NERAIDA”
in 1953 by the Greek Prime Minister Plastiras.

From 1976 – 2005 she was laid up at Elefsis Since 2005 she was on dry-dock at PrivatSea Marine Services premises awaiting the re-fitting.

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