I left left school at 15 and spent the next five years working on a multitude of jobs, including working as a motorcycle courier followed by two years as an architectural draughtsman. I then studied at Nottingham and Hornsey Colleges of Art. Following graduation I was awarded a scholarship to the Royal College of Art, graduating with an MA. I then went on to study at the Architectural Association and was awarded a Diploma in Architecture.

Since graduation, I have worked as a set designer in the film industry, then formed my own architectural design practice, specialising in marine and architectural design. The projects involved research, design and complicated logistics and the locations of the projects were worldwide. Simultaneously I travelled extensively in the tradition of a travelling artist, believing that the process of painting and drawing gives one an intimate insight into places and a unique access to people. My work has been exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions; my sketch books and numerous portfolios form collections, and are held in museums, art galleries and libraries in various parts of the world.

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